Pastor’s Corner

Rev. Dr. Gladys Nwabah

Dayton Memorial Presbyterian Church welcomes the Rev. Dr. Gladys Nwabah as our new pastor. Pastor Gladys is passionate about worship, ministry, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, and loving all God’s children. She is excited to come here, meet everyone and get to work! Pastor Gladys and her young son, Feso, will be moving from the Dallas, Texas area. Her four adult children and their families will remain in Texas and continue to support their mother’s Call to Ministry. The PNC and Session will be working together during this in between time to assure a smooth transition. She is now in the Dayton area living in her new home.  We are grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness in this search and look forward to new beginnings!




Psalm of Gladys Nwabah
How quickly You come to my rescue and help, O God of my Ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
You assure me of Your never-ending love and mercy.
You remind me to seek You and to please You in all I think and do; Your hand, O Lord, supplies the grace.
My heart rejoices as I walk each day with You by my side,
my Bridegroom, and my Friend.
My heart yearns for Your loving arms around me; and Your beautiful smiles welcome me into a new day.
You made promises to me – that I and the children You have given to me are wrapped in the depths of Your love; that You have fulfilled!
I promise to love You, my Lord, and my Savior, till my life here on earth ends; and when I see you in heaven, I will dance for You.
My fellow friends, I encourage you to write your own Psalm!
–Pastor Gladys