Stewardship Committee News
“Murmuration – What if?” Stewardship Campaign Invitation

Psalm 133:1 “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!”
As we kick off our 2021 stewardship campaign, the following excerpt from
“All God’s Creatures” by Renee Yancy provides a beautiful visual image
during these uncertain times.

“Starlings are rather ordinary birds. Many people consider them
pests, and they are notorious for driving other birds away from their
favored nesting sites. However, in one particular instance, plain,
pesky starlings become a thing of beauty when hundreds of
thousands of them flock together in what is called a murmuration.
As daylight wanes, large groups of starlings join together in a
whirling, mesmerizing, pulsating dance, shifting and falling in
dizzying spirals and clouds, moving and turning in the air as one at
some invisible command.

They are searching for a roosting spot for the night, safe from
predators. If a hawk or peregrine falcon approaches, the roaring
sound of half a million beating wings will drive it off. It is difficult
for the peregrine to target any particular bird in this seething mass.

The most amazing thing about starling murmurations is the
sheer fluidity of their movement and the seemingly miraculous way
they turn and soar or dive as one unit. How do thousands of birds,
flying wingtip to wingtip, react almost simultaneously? The
National Council of Research at the University of Rome studied this
phenomenon in 2010 and discovered that starling flocks respond as
one and cannot be divided into independent subparts.

What a lesson for the body of Christ. What if we couldn’t be
divided into our “subparts”? What if we chose to overlook our petty
differences and came together as one? What if we looked at
ourselves like the starlings? All linked, all connected, all vital to one
another, coming together for warmth and protection?
What a thing of beauty that would be.”

After last year’s virtual stewardship campaign, we’re so very grateful for
the opportunity to participate in this year’s campaign live and in person. In
addition, this is the first year in several in which we have a full-time pastor
helping guide us through this vital activity. One might say we’re coming
together in our own version of murmuration, both physically and as one,
pastor and congregation. Imagine the possibilities. What if we looked at
ourselves as all linked, all connected, all vital to one another, coming
together for warmth and protection? What if “all” not only referred to
current members and friends of Memorial Presbyterian Church, but to
friends, family, neighbors and even strangers throughout our community? What if we all join together moving and turning at some invisible command? What if we turn and soar as one unit? What if our expanded flock responds as one and cannot be divided? Oh, what a thing of beauty that would be! It’s all possible. It’s
already started. We’ve been discussing our next step and ways to “Cross the Jordan” for several weeks now. It’s going to continue. The velocity and vigor depends on all of us and our commitment to moving forward. What can each of us do in 2022? What can our flock accomplish? Our commitment of time, talent and
offerings significantly impacts the possibilities. We’re looking forward to the whirling, mesmerizing, and pulsating dance and hope you are, too!

As in past years, you’ll receive a letter and commitment card in the coming weeks. We ask that you prayerfully
consider how the God-given gifts you’ve been provided can be committed to furthering the mission of Memorial Presbyterian Church in 2022. This year’s Stewardship Sunday is scheduled for October 17, 2021.