Covid-19 News

Dear members and friends of Memorial Presbyterian Church, all brothers and sisters in Christ:

As you know, since Sunday, March 15, we have cancelled worship due to the COVID-19 virus emergency and recommendations from the Presbytery of Wabash Valley Council.  Our Session (Board of Ruling elders) met on Tuesday, May 19, and elected to continue as we are, without in-house/person to person worship, meetings, classes and other activities (our Food Pantry will continue on Thursday mornings) until further notice. We will continue to evaluate this month to month. As situations and circumstances change, we can and will re-evaluate this decision. Please know that a great deal of discussion and prayer went into these decisions.

The fact that we are not meeting in person doesn’t mean that we cease being a Church.  We will continue to care for our church community and remain  servants of our Lord.  Please continue to tune in to video recorded services of worship conducted jointly by Memorial,  Bethany, and Elston Churches on YouTube at the following address: These will, of course, be somewhat less personal, but still meaningful.  Members of our congregation will be invited to assist in the service, along with Pastors Kevin Bowers, Rick Ryan and Laura Penny Bade.

Those of you who generally place your pledges in the Offering Plate are encouraged to use the U S Mail to deliver your gifts at:  Memorial Presbyterian Church, P.O. Box 70, Dayton, IN,  47941.
We will keep you posted, using this page, as well as our Facebook pages.
God’s Peace and God’s Grace to you all.

Michael E. Grimes
Clerk of Session